Sustainability Goals

At Tradin Organic, sustainability is at the heart of our business. We believe in the benefits of organic farming and it is our purpose to bring sustainable and organic certified ingredients to the market. We are proud to work with thousands of organic farmers and to supply organic ingredients to some of the world’s most sustainable and socially responsible brands. 

Our Goals

Supply high-quality organic ingredients to enable healthy and nutritious diets
Secure a sustainable supply of organic ingredients by reducing our environmental footprint and helping our farmers adapt to climate change
Promote the well-being of Tradin’s employees, suppliers, farmers and their communities
Organic With a Purpose

Organic With a Purpose

As an organic trading company, we are committed to promoting the benefits of organic agriculture. These benefits include better health for farmers and workers, better soil quality, reduced CO2-emissions and protection for bees and other pollinators. We invest in our own sourcing projects and work together with suppliers to continue to grow organic production. In addition, we partner with organisations, like IFOAM, OTA and OPTA to improve organic integrity and to further develop the organic sector.

Partner in Sustainable Sourcing

Partner in Sustainable Sourcing

Our own sourcing projects put us in a unique position to help our customers accomplish their sustainable sourcing goals. Together with our producers, we work hard to promote environmental and social standards at origin. We invest in our farmers and help them to obtain environmental and social certifications. Initiatives such as this allows us to assist our customers in monitoring and improving social and environmental standards throughout their supply chain. 

For an overview of our organic and social certifications, click here.

Beyond Organic Certification

Beyond Organic Certification

We understand the importance of organic certification but we also believe that organic alone is not enough. We go beyond the benefits of organic to create a positive impact for our organic farmers, workers and their communities.  Our efforts have included constructing a new school building for the children of our sesame farmers in Ethiopia, building new roads and investing in community centres. For these projects, we work closely with our customers and producers to bridge the gap between producer and supplier. If you want to know more about our sustainability projects, have a look at the stories below.

Our Stories