Integrated Sustainability Strategy

Integrated Sustainability Strategy

Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Tradin Organic is the leading global supplier of certified organic food ingredients. 

But we do not stop at certification. We go beyond it. 

We believe in regenerative, organic farming to a more resilient, equitable, and environmentally secure food system. We strive for sustainable and market-driven development through our presence in every step of the supply chains, with measurable social and environmental impact for farmers, workers, and their communities worldwide.

Our Impact Logic shows how our values translate to actions and impact at our sources. 

Our values, principles, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our values, principles, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • We Take Responsibility For Our Impact On The Environment

We strongly support and celebrate the environmental benefits of regenerative, organic farming systems: greater soil health and biodiversity.   

We want our suppliers and ourselves to regenerate the environment, not destroying it: we strive to minimize and monitor our environmental footprint from field to customer. 

  • We Take Responsibility For Our Impact On People Across Our Supply Chains

We know our origins: our sourcing, quality, and commercial teams jointly ensure organic and ethical integrity and traceability of our products.We are committed to an ethical and transparent way of doing business: we aim for long-term and respectful relationships with our suppliers, customers, and employees.

We go beyond the benefits of organic and social certifications with projects that positively impact the farmers, workers, and their communities.

  • We Partner With Stakeholders To Leverage and Communicate Our Impact

We strive to increase and professionalize organic agriculture worldwide and celebrate our partnerships with stakeholders that enable this mission.

We don't tell stories; we prove them. We strive to monitor, evaluate, and communicate our environmental and social impact for our integrated supply chains.


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