Social Impact

Every day, thousands of farmers and employees around the globe are involved in producing organic ingredients. As a global player in the organic food industry, we want to take responsibility for our impact on people involved in our supply chains. As stipulated in Tradin Organic's core value statement, we are committed to ethical and transparent business practices and believe this is crucial for a stable, long-term, and sustainable access to our ingredients. We want to ensure that throughout the value chains – from farm to factory to office - everyone works under fair conditions, and we expect our project partners and suppliers to show the same commitment.

We Are Present At Our Origins

We Are Present At Our Origins

Tradin Organic employs an extensive international team of locally stationed field scouts and agronomists who work directly with farmers and processors. This local presence has enabled us to build strong partnerships and successful sourcing projects to guarantee organic and ethical integrity, full transparency, and a secure supply of a wide range of organic ingredients. There is a joint effort from the sourcing, quality, and commercial teams of Tradin Organic to ensure its products' organic integrity, ethical integrity, and traceability.

We Are Committed To An Ethical and Transparent Way Of Doing Business

We Are Committed To An Ethical and Transparent Way Of Doing Business

At Tradin Organic, we care about providing safe and decent jobs for our workers. We expect our suppliers to sign our Supplier Partner Code of Conduct to show the same commitment to safe and fair working conditions. We base our code of conduct on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and by signing, our suppliers agree to these principles.

In addition, we push for third-party audits at our facilities and at our supplier's facilities to provide independent verification of our supply chains' labor conditions. As we have a large variety of products and origins, we work with different social certifications to help guarantee fair working conditions. Tradin Organic is also a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX). This platform allows us to monitor the social audits in our supply chain and provide transparency to our customers.  

If you want to know more about the social certifications for your organic ingredients, please contact us.   

We Go Beyond The Benefits Of Organic and Social Certifications

We Go Beyond The Benefits Of Organic and Social Certifications

Being present at source offers the possibility to develop and implement community projects that go beyond our organic and social certifications. These projects focus on creating benefits for our employees, the farmers we work with and their communities. 

  • Technical Assistance

Tradin Organic works with thousands of organic farmers across the world, many of whom are facing environmental challenges such as climate change and soil erosion. To offer our support, we have an extensive team of agronomists based around the globe who pay regular visits to our sourcing projects to provide climate-smart technical advice and monitor production. In some areas, we organize Farmer Field Schools (FFS) to help our farmers boost their productivity, improve the health of their soils and cope with increasingly irregular climate patterns.  The topics covered by our Farmer Field Schools range from organic fertilizer production for our sesame farmers in Ethiopia to productivity trainings for our organic cocoa farmers in Sierra Leone. 

  • Support In Fairtrade Premium Program Development

We are very proud of the organic Fairtrade farmers who are using their Fairtrade Premium to positively impact their communities. A good example of such efforts are the organic coconut farmers in the Philippines, who successfully set up a vermicomposting project, helping to increase the availability of compost. In addition, these farmers started a project for producing organic banana chips which will help to generate additional income for the community. 

  • Community Projects

Our sourcing projects go beyond organic and social certification. The projects enable our organic farmers to generate additional income and create opportunities for families and communities to improve their livelihoods.

For example, Tradin Organic has launched a Child Protection Program for the cocoa farming communities in Sierra Leone. This program represents the next big step in our efforts to eradicate child labor in the cocoa sector. The Child Protection Program in Sierra Leone allows us to create a blueprint that we can expand to other supply chains.

Tradin Organic supports community initiatives for those farmers who are not (yet) Fairtrade certified. In Ethiopia, we supported the construction of a new local school for the children of our sesame farmers and the surrounding communities. In addition, the establishment of a school kitchen for the children of our chia farmers in Peru now provides nutritious meals during their lunch break.