The impact of climate change on our tropical crops

The impact of climate change on our tropical crops

At Tradin Organic, we provide high-quality organic products from around the globe. However, the effects of climate change are increasingly challenging our efforts, particularly impacting our tropical crops like cocoa, mango, cashews, and coconut.

How is climate change affecting some of our crops and what are we as Tradin Organic doing to adapt and ensure sustainability?


Rising temperatures and unpredictable rainfall patterns are altering the delicate balance required for cocoa cultivation. These changes are leading to increased instances of pests and diseases, reducing yields and impacting the livelihoods of farmers. We are investing in resilient farming practices and supporting research into disease-resistant cocoa varieties to safeguard our supply chain.

A significant portion of our cocoa production comes from wild agroforestry systems, which play a vital role in promoting biodiversity, reducing the effects of extreme temperatures, and expanding the variety of crops and income opportunities for farmers. Read more about it here.

Mango production is highly sensitive to climate fluctuations. Irregular weather patterns, such as untimely rains and prolonged droughts, affect flowering and fruit development. To mitigate these impacts, we are working closely with our growers to implement water-efficient irrigation systems and adopting agroforestry practices to maintain soil health and reduce erosion.

Cashew trees thrive in specific climate conditions and shifts in temperature and rainfall are disrupting their growth cycles. Extreme weather events like cyclones and prolonged dry spells can severely impact cashew yield and quality. In response, we are diversifying our growing regions and promoting sustainable farming techniques that enhance the resilience of cashew trees.

Coconuts are another crop facing challenges due to rising sea levels and increased salinity in coastal areas. These conditions threaten the health of coconut palms and reduce their productivity. We are supporting coastal restoration projects and encouraging organic farming practices that improve soil quality and reduce the impact of salinity on coconut trees.

Our commitment to sustainability

At Tradin Organic, our commitment goes beyond sustainable agriculture. Our team of agronomists, affectionately known as "boots on the ground," closely monitors and works with farmers, providing essential support and guidance. They help our farmers adapt to changing situations at the source, ensuring they have the knowledge and tools to deal with the impacts of climate change effectively.

We believe in the power of sustainable agriculture to combat the effects of climate change. We are committed to supporting our farmers with training and resources to adopt resilient agricultural practices. By investing in research and innovation, we aim to secure a stable and sustainable future for our crops and the communities that depend on them.

For Tradin Organic, sustainable practices are the key to long-term success and we are committed to leading by example.


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