Organic and Vegan - Future of Sustainable Diets

As vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian diets are becoming a huge trend, consumers are looking for clean, healthy and organic alternatives for meat and dairy. The recent shift towards plant-based diets is going hand-in-hand with the booming demand for organic certified food. At Tradin Organic, we believe that the combination of organic and plant-based will shape diets over the coming years as the vegan movement grows stronger. This combined trend is driven by consumer motivations, as well as by the intrinsic benefits of organic certified products.

Alternatives for Meat and Dairy

Alternatives for Meat and Dairy

As the awareness of the impact of animal-based proteins is growing, more and more consumers are looking into replacing meat and dairy with plant-based alternatives. Tradin Organic offers a complete range of organic certified ingredients for meat replacers, dairy alternatives, as well as vegan protein powders.

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“Organic and Vegan is the Way to Go”

Wouter Floot, Tradin Organic’s Commercial Director, foresees a strong growth of the organic and vegan market. “If we look at our current customer base, they are already innovating heavily into the direction of organic and vegetarian food. You see huge growth of this market in general. All studies point in this direction. This is a movement you cannot disregard.

The consumption of both organic and vegan food has shown impressive growth over the past few years. When we look at the underlying motivations of consumers, we can see that it is the combination of organic and plant-based that will increasingly become the new mainstream over the coming years. Consumer research shows that the demand for both organic and vegan food is driven by the desire to have more healthy and more sustainable diets. “The current generation of consumers is well-educated and very much aware of the consequences of growing food in a certain manner,” says Wouter Floot. “Organic and vegan, in that very combination, is the way to go.” 

Watch the video of the interview with Wouter Floot for more insights.