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Coconut water from Sri Lanka is collected from the inside of the fresh coconuts. We offer concentrate and single strength coconut water. Our coconut milk is produced by extracting the oil and liquid from the meat of the coconut and then straining the resultant liquid. Coconut cream is similar, but it contains a higher ratio of coconut meat to coconut water. We offer two main product options: coconut cream with coconut smell/taste and cream that can be used as a shelf stable alternative to dairy without imparting a coconut taste. We have multiple cuts and size options for our organic desiccated coconut and we offer organic coconut chips in multiple size options. Our various preparations of coconut chips include toasted, toasted sweetened, sweetened (sweetener options vary), and coconut sugar glazed. We also offer coconut vinegar, butter, water, milk, as well as milk powder and water powder.

Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines

Possible Certifications
  • EU Organic
  • Fair Trade USA  (only Available for Tradin Organic USA)
  • JAS Declared
  • Fairtrade FLO
  • EarthKosher
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