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Mango, Dried

Mango, Dried
We source our organic dried mango from several origins, such as Mexico, Gambia and Burkina Faso. In Burkina Faso, we have our own mango drying project where we can closely monitor the supply chain and the drying process. This helps us to ensure the food safety and organic integrity of our dried mango. Due to our variety of sources, we can offer a year-round supply of different varieties of organic dried mango, such as Amelie, and Brooks. Our organic dried mango is available in different sizes and cuts (cheeks, strips). Our organic dried mango can be used for retail packing, but it can also be used as an ingredient in trail mixes or snack mixes.

Burkina Faso, Gambia, Mexico, India

Possible Certifications
  • EU Organic
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