Start of the Organic Fruit Season

Our fruit desk is welcoming the start of the season for our organic frozen fruits. As we are writing this article, the organic strawberry season is already underway. The harvest for organic sour cherries has also started. 

We source our organic strawberries from Serbia and Bulgaria, where our local organic farmers grow only the most aromatic varieties of this sweet berry. The deep color and rich flavor of our organic strawberries make them perfect for jams, purees and ice-creams. We supply organic frozen (IQF) strawberries as well as concentrate and puree. The organic strawberry season is in full swing, make sure to get your orders in before it is too late!

The harvest for organic sour cherries is also in full force. We source our sour cherries from our project in Serbia, where on the slopes of the Kapaonik mountains, local organic farmers grow sour cherries of the superior Oblacinska variety. At this moment, workers are harvesting the cherries which are later frozen at the local processing facility. We supply frozen, whole pitted sour cherries (IQF), as well as puree and concentrate. Make sure to place your orders soon!

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