Start of the Organic Apple and Pear Season

Our fruit desk is welcoming the start of the season for organic apples and pears, with the fruits currently in harvest.
We source our organic apples from Eastern Europe, where our local organic farmers grow only the juiciest varieties of this lunch-box staple. Offering apple concentrate in decolorized form or in varying levels of acidity to suit our customers’ needs, our organic apple can be used in fruit juice blends, ciders and as a sweetener in jams alcoholic beverages, yogurts and ice cream. The organic apple season is in full swing, make sure to get your orders in before it is too late!

The harvest for organic pears is also in full force. We source our pears from the Mediterranean region, where the fruit is left to ripen naturally on the tree in the region’s blazing sun. The rich, sweet flavor of our organic pear concentrate makes it an ideal sugar replacement in purees, juice and smoothies. Our organic pear chunks are great additions to desserts, or can be juiced and bottled. We supply frozen organic pear chunks (IQF) and organic pear concentrate, make sure to place your orders soon!

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