OPTA and IFOAM meet at Tradin HQ

April 12th marked the occasion of the first official meeting between IFOAM-EU and the Organic Processing and Trade Association (OPTA). The aim of the meeting was to discuss how both organizations can best work together in order to strengthen the organic sector. A successful meeting was held in which both parties clearly expressed their interest in establishing a close cooperation between IFOAM-EU and OPTA.

Tradin Organic was proud to host this meeting in their Head Office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Being the first commercial member of IFOAM and one of the founding members of OPTA, we were excited to be able to facilitate the dialogue between both platform organizations. We hope that both organizations will help to promote the interest of the entire organic sector and we are pleased to continue to support both organisations.

OPTA was founded in 2017 by a group of European organic traders and processors. OPTA has the ambition to become the leading organization for the promotion of organic processing and trading in Europe and invites all companies dedicated to organic trade and processing to join. 

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