The Official Opening Ceremony Of MIDI Organic's New Puree Line Marked The Start Of The Organic Fruit Season In Serbia

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On Sunday 16th of June we celebrated the official opening of the new puree line of Midi Organic, Serbia. Gerard Versteegh - President of Tradin Organic and several colleagues  from Tradin Organic joined the celebrations alongside the Serbian minister of agriculture Branislav Nedimović.

The New Puree Line

Midi Organic has invested in the brand new puree line which is now fully operational for the upcoming fruit season of 2019-2020. In this new facility, Midi is able to produce and aseptically pack single strength & concentrated purees of their complete fruit range. The factory is BRC certified and the organic purees are available with EU organic, NOP, Kosher, KRAV & Global Gap certification. Some of the produced puree items are also available as baby food ingredients. 

Preparing For the Organic Fruit Season

To prepare for the upcoming fruit season, a team of both commercial and quality personnel from Tradin Organic visited Midi Organic prior to the opening of the new puree line in May. Besides discussing the opportunities for the 2019-2020 season, the teams of both companies went through the new facility to ensure all quality aspects of the production process are covered and meet the highest international standards. Both Midi Organic and Tradin Organic are ready and looking forward to the new organic fruit season. 

Organic Fruits from Serbia

For more than twenty years, Tradin Organic has been working closely with Midi Organic in southern Serbia, in the picturesque region near the Kapaonik mountains. On the slopes of these hills, we source organic sour cherry, raspberry, strawberry, blackberry, plums and prunes which are dried, frozen and now also made into puree locally at the Midi Organic facility. Due to the unique climate of this region and the hard work of our farmers, this region produces rich and flavorful fruit.

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