New Cocoa Production Line

Crown of Holland has recently installed a second processing line utilizing nib-roasting technology, which has seen an increase in Crown of Holland’s capacity by 150%. With this expansion, we now offer a wider range of cocoa powders with diversity of color, flavor and fat content, in addition to products created from our whole-bean roasting line. With a range of cocoa butters, liquors and powders boasting varied color and flavor profiles, our two-line production allows us to tailor our services to each project, providing ultimate flexibility.

Crown of Holland is Tradin Organic’s cocoa processing facility in the Netherlands. Tradin Organic sources first-class organic certified cocoa beans from various countries of origin and ships them to Crown of Holland for processing. Here we rely on cutting edge technology and processing methods to ensure our cocoa derivatives stand out – not only in quality, but also in flavor.

Crown of Holland can now process cocoa using either whole-bean roasting or nib roasting technology. The whole-bean roasting method toasts cocoa beans before they are broken into nibs to preserve unique flavors when producing cocoa liquor. The nib roasting method crushes beans into nibs before roasting. In the nib roasting process, the beans are crushed into nibs before they are roasted, allowing us to develop rich flavors and varients in color and fat content.

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