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Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil
We offer many types of certified organic Coconut Oil from our projects In the Philippines and Indonesia such as centrifuged virgin Coconut Oil, cold pressed virgin Coconut Oil, and refined Coconut Oil. Virgin Coconut Oils are rich of flavour and smell of fresh coconuts whereas refined oils are neutral in both flavor and odor, making them a perfect ingredient for industrial use. Please ask us about our Fairtrade certified virgin Coconut Oils. We can also supply organic MCT oil, derived from 100% organic coconut oil (contains no palm oil). Our organic MCT oil is composed of greater than 90% Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs): Caprylic (C8) and perfect for adding to coffee, smoothies and healthy dishes as well as being used as a dietary supplement.

Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines

Possible Certifications
  • EU Organic
  • KRAV
  • EarthKosher
  • Fair Trade USA  (only Available for Tradin Organic USA)
  • JAS Declared
  • Fairtrade FLO
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