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We supply organic blackberry products from our sourcing project in Serbia where we have a longstanding relationship with our partners. Our organic farmers in Serbia cultivate blackberries of the Thornfree variety, preferred for its large and dark berries. The majority of farmers grow blackberries in combination with other varieties of berries, enabling them to benefit from the differing harvesting seasons of each fruit and extending their overall harvest period. Our organic blackberries are frozen (IQF) and pureed at a local facility. Our quality team frequently visit the production sites in order to monitor quality, food safety and organic integrity. In addition to the organic blackberries from our project in Serbia, we can also offer organic blackberry products from other origins in North America and Asia.

Poland, Serbia, China, Bulgaria, Ukraine, United States, Chile, Mexico, Denmark

Possible Certifications
  • EU Organic
  • KRAV
  • JAS Declared
  • EarthKosher
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